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Curiosity for Parents.

Curiosity Programme for parents overview

The training focuses on the practical aspects of delivering the programme, working 1:1 and individualising the programme strategies for each child or student. The Curiosity Programme targets creating interest and delight in interaction and communication exchanges. The programme introduces strategies for building connections with trusted adults, pre-verbal social communication skills, curiosity and early play.

There are demonstrations of the techniques in action, films of the work with children, practical hands-on experience for participants and ideas for activities. The workshop provides opportunities for parents to try activities at each stage anddiscuss its’ application in their home. The workshop is for groups of up to 25 people, this is to ensure that the practical aspects of the workshop are run in small groups, making coaching and feedback effective.

Curiosity Programme online workshops

We identify ways the learning strengths of children can be utilised to develop new skills. The workshops set out the 4 elements of the Curiosity programme introducing each element to attendees until all 4 are running simultaneously with the child or young persion

There are 4 elements to the Curiosity programme;

Element 1 Getting connected

In this section the emphasis is on connecting with the child and building respectful, playful and fun reciprocal interactions using strategies that are individual to each child.

Element 2.  Signature songs

In this section we look at the role or rhythm and intonation, the voice as a sensory tool and the joy of early simple songs created to enhance everyday activities, build interest and involvement.

Element 3. Creating Curiosity

In this section we look at strategies to increase a child’s involvement in a wide range of materials. We look at how to create curiosity, encourage the child to explore and build experience with materials and add a moment of imaginative challenge and rich language.

Element 4.  Let’s play

In this section we look at early games and play sequences, how to make them appealing to each individual, create the fundamentals experiences that lead a child’s learning forward in play that challenges the child in without pressure.

How does it work?

The Curiosity Training for parents is delivered in 5 live, 75 minute sessions so you can get the programme into action between workshops. We will cover all 4 stages of the Attention Autism programme, illustrated with supporting videos, live activity demonstrations, and footage of families using the programme.

We understand that every child is unique, so we will ask parents to send us videos of them trying the programme as the training progresses. We will then meet the parents for 4 x half hour coaching sessions where you will share your films with us. By doing this, we can give participants coaching and feedback to support each family and find a successful way forward.

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