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Attention Autism Programme.

Attention Autism is a learning approach that aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication skills in children with autism through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities..

The origins of the approach are in the idea that successful communication is dynamic, engaging and joyful. People learn best when they are filled with enthusiasm, motivation and creativity. The Attention Autism approach should provide children with a learning experience that they want to communicate about.

The Aims of Attention Autism:

As well as the ultimate goal of developing natural and spontaneous communication skills in children with autism, there are several other aims that Attention Autism strives to achieve. These include:

  • To engage attention.
  • To improve joint attention.
  • To develop shared enjoyment in group activities.
  • To increase attention in adult-led activities.
  • To encourage spontaneous interaction in a natural group setting.
  • To increase non-verbal and verbal communication through commentary.
  • To build a wealth and depth of vocabulary.
  • Most importantly, to have fun in doing so!

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