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Curiosity Programme.

What is the Curiosity Programme?

This programme is designed to support children
• who need to work 1:1 before starting the Attention Autism 4 stage programme.
• are too young to be working in a group e.g. younger than 2.6 years old.
• have additional complex needs and would benefit from a programme to encourage them to flourish in the earliest stages of communication, interaction and attention development.
• do not yet have the skills needed for group working.

This programme is for those working with or supporting any very young child or children showing some early differences with communication and social interaction.

This programme can work as an excellent preparation for children who might go on and work through the Attention Autism 4 stage programme but need a more individualised start.
Parents, carers and professionals benefit from programmes that build confidence and expertise in applying techniques until they colour and enhance every interaction with their child or children in their care, and so build communication and social interaction throughout the day.

The programme aims to to nurture the motivation of parents, carers and professionals in ways that build relationships and skills that will lead the child’s development forward.
It is going to be different but communication and social interaction flourish when activities are shared and interaction is reciprocal and motivating for all involved.

This programme is practical and meets the needs of autistic children by working towards functional communication skills. It is based on a thorough understanding of the earliest stages in communication of interaction and the impact of autism… and it works! We can make connection and communication understandable, doable, fun and easy to make part of everyday life.

We want to create curiosity about the world, nurture communication and foster interaction through shared joyful times together – the best way for everyone to get started and keep going.

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