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Practical & doable programmes focusing on attention, engagement
& communication for autistic children & young people.


Attention Autism™

Professional Training & Support

For families, individuals, schools & professionals

Attention Autism Ltd is home of the Attention Autism™ and Curiosity Programmes. Both programmes focus on the strengths of autistic children and young people to encourage engagement, attention, and communication.

The Curiosity programme is a programme delivered on a 1:1 basis with individual children and young people who are developmentally under 2.6 years old.

The Attention Autism™ programme focuses on group dynamics for children and young people developmentally above 2.6 years and of varying ages and ability levels.  Both programmes aim to make learning fun.

We recognise that best practice teaching and therapy is adapted to suit the learning styles of autistic and other neurodivergent children and young people. With this in mind, Attention Autism™ Ltd provides, services to families, carers and professionals in equipping them with the skills to provide ‘irresistible invitations to learn.’ The aim is to help autistic children and young people to flourish, through practical methods and easy to implement strategies that are educational and fun.

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Attention Autism™

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Client Testimonials

“I had given up on Circle Time as it was so challenging for my early intervention class!! So Attention Autism sessions are an amazing experience for us all. Such positive moments of interaction.

I have engaged with a lot of courses and training and I can honestly say this course provides the teacher with the most practical ideas to come away and use in the classroom. The support from the facilitators was exceptional, leaving the teacher with the confidence to bring the magic to the classroom!

I would love to do the next level once I get more established”

Mairead SavageTeacher, Ireland.

“Without exception every adult seeing the programme for the first time came to me saying what an amazing programme it is and how the children are enthralled. At many stages during the course i thought to myself 'my class would never engage that activity' but it just goes to show how successful it actually is”

FionaTeacher, Ireland

“We have continued to use the programme and the children are really responding well to it…. If I just mention 'bucket time' they are up and ready at the door to the room before I can get there.”

Vicki WheelerTeacher England.

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