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Attention Autism for Parents in the home.

Attention Autism in the Home.

The Attention Autism at Home Training is online and spread over 6 live, 75 minute sessions so you can get the programme into action between workshops. The Attention Autism in the Home programme targets the teaching of engagement, attention, social communication.

Training is run applying the principles of the Attention Autism programme throughout the workshops. There are demonstrations of the techniques in action, films of the work with children, practical hands-on experience for participants and ideas for activities. The intention is to share the practical skills needed for participants to feel confident in establishing and delivering the programme immediately.

Attention Autism in the home workshops.

The workshops are for groups of 25 people, this is to ensure that the practical aspects of the workshop can be run in small groups making coaching and feedback effective.

This training is for you if you simply want to learn how to deliver the Attention Autism 4 stage programme for use in your home.

In this series of six workshops, we will cover all 4 stages of the Attention Autism Programme, discuss the ideas behind it and use real-life examples to show exactly how and why it works.

You and your child will learn how to connect, get focused attention, keep it, share it and use it to develop engagement, attention and  communication.

How does it work?

The Attention Autism at Home Training is delivered in 6 live, 75 minute sessions so parents can get the programme into action between workshops. We will cover all 4 stages of the Attention Autism programme, illustrated with supporting videos, live activity demonstrations, and footage of families using the programme.

We understand that every child is unique, so we will ask parents to send us videos of them trying the programme as the training progresses. We will then meet the participants for 2 x half hour coaching sessions where the parents will share their  films with us. By doing this, we can give  coaching and feedback to support each family and find a successful way forward.

Learning outcomes.

In this course we will cover the following

  • Understanding the ideas that drive the Attention autism programme
  • Getting connected so interaction is shared and enjoyable
  • Getting your child’s attention, keeping it and sharing it
  • Building understanding and confidence in getting the message
  • Developing communication and moving forward to spontaneous expression
  • Individualising sessions for your unique child
  • Creating activities that are worth communicating about and inspiring the child to learn
  • Creating sessions that everyone enjoys and remembers
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